Make Use Of Your Amazing Mind Power To Quit Smoking

Mind power is something that can help you achieve different things, which include smoke cessation. Lots of people today are very much aware of the consequences of smoking cigarettes. However, they continue to smoke the harmful sticks, even if they always say that they already want to quit it. Many are not able to quit smoking because of the lack of determination. However, with the use of your amazing mind power, you should be able to stop yourself from smoking cigarettes, even if you have been using them for quite a few years already.

First and foremost, you need to be aware that your mind is capable of conditioning itself. One example of this is when you usually find yourself smoking cigarettes when you are with your friends. Because of this, the next time you prepare to go out with your friends, you may already be conditioning your mind subconsciously that you are going to smoke cigarettes. Therefore, if you won’t smoke a few number of sticks when you are with them, you might feel uncomfortable, and you would think that you are doing something unnatural. In line with this, if you want to quit smoking and you are going to go out with your friends, then you might give in to the temptation of smoking a few sticks and start all over again.

Since it is your subconscious mind that is convincing you to smoke, as it has been conditioned to do so, ever since you started smoking cigarettes, you need to attack it with the use of your mind power. Always remember that your subconscious mind is quite powerful as well. But with the right steps, you should be able to get it working for your own good.

One of the mind power techniques that you can apply for this is positive affirmations. This means that you will repeatedly say in your mind that you are going to stop smoking soon. It is best that you are more specific on it; thus, it is important that you set a date when you want to totally stop smoking cigarettes. With a certain date set, you will be able to make use of a positive affirmation that is more specific.

Aside from repeatedly telling your mind about your goals to quit smoking, you should also say it a few times during the day. Many people say it right after waking up and before going to bed. This way, when you wake up in the morning, you would be reminding yourself about your quit smoking goals, as well as sleep with the idea of quitting smoking.

With positive affirmations, you will be making use of your amazing mind power to tell your subconscious to stop craving for cigarettes. Since it is best to quit smoking gradually, by the time when you want to get rid of the habit totally, your subconscious mind is also going to be prepared in saying goodbye to it.